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Leo Zodiac Personality-Into

The Lion  

Fire Sign July 24 - August 23


Stubborn, fixed views, strong, cruel, independent, organizing capacity and talents for propaganda, humanitarian, frequenting solitary places, generous, famous.

Ego, self-centered, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistent; artistic or creative expression as a vehicle for revealing "who I am"; needs to be a center of attention, requires acknowledgment and approval, likes to be noticed and appreciated ("ego-strokes"); personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy; kingly, self-assured, confident.

Leo Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

The Lion
Lucky Numbers
8 & 9
Attractive Trait
Body Part Ruled
All felines 
Ruling Planet
Key Phrase
I Will
Lucky Day

In General:
 King Planet Sun governs your zodiac sign. You want to live like a king. You are a very ambitious person and want to rise to the top in the profession of your choice. You have been blessed with a strong personality, which can take you places if you so desire. You are logical in your approach to most things but sometimes you get so confused over the small issues. An extrovert, you have many friends and you are a good host. You learn to branch out on your own even if it turns out to be an expensive idea since you are ready to sacrifice much if it benefits in the long run. You are very much a materialistic person; you will find it difficult to do without worldly things. The picture you portray, however, is of the strong silent type. Your plus point is keeping a good relationship with those persons who could be of use to you in some way. You are self-opinionated person though you may behave otherwise. Sometimes you act very superficially and you yourself will not know why. You are quite power-hungry and given to vices any of which could cause you destruction both mentally and physically. You are an out-going person basically and have a wide circle of friends. You are a well-loved person since you speak attractively and have good manners. You can't tolerate your failures because you want to rule and you are impatient to reach that level. You don't let anyone come in the way of achieving power. You are brave and don't spend sleepless nights on major or minor worries provided you have been sincere and just. Basically an extrovert, you reach out to people in all walks of life. You are helpful to those in trouble and don't expect anything in return. To win your favor, it is wise to flatter you and this happens to you all the time but you won't notice it.


Leo Basic

You're a Leo if your birthday falls in between July 23 - August 22. You can get a better understanding of the cosmic influences over a Leo horoscope by examining specific Leo characteristics. Leo is the lion of the zodiac icons; if this is your sign, you enjoy being in the spotlight. As a Leo, you're a natural born leader. You possess a sense of self-worth and you exude confidence.
These are just a few of the traits that help you to win over the general public. Some people might accuse you of hamming it up, but the truth of the matter is that you're simply being who you truly are, an entertainer. You enjoy making others smile for the pure pleasure it gives you. This generous nature often leads you into altruistic endeavors or careers. You feel an obligation to take care of the subjects of your kingdom, and your shoulders gladly bear the weight of the world whenever necessary and many times, when it isn’t necessary or even your responsibility.

Physical Features
 Some think of Leos as being usually averaged height tall yet some short, with high cheek bones, full lips, trim athletic legs, strong physical features, well-defined appendages (hands, feet, etc.), and large, deep eyes. Leos also tend to have very soft skin and thick hair that shines in the sun. It is said they tend to keep their heads held high and look down their noses at others.

Watch for the lion's mane, the bushy eyebrows, the feline eyes, the broad and stubby nose, the jowly cheeks and the barrel-chested torso.

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